Shipping & Returns

After a request comes to us from you that you want to buy  a model , we will contact to you to claryfy details of your order and the exact size of shoes. You nesessarily receive confirmation by e-mail from your order , Please carefully check the accuracy of the information to contact  you. In the event that the ordered modeli is not available, the customer is notified by phone or e--mail.

Deliveries are made by a courier to pointed address from you or at the offiice of the courier in the city.The parcel is insured as the insurance is pade from us.

Value of the delivery and amount for the desire article will be paid from the customer.


Price of delivery 

0.5 kg.


1 kg. 


2 кg. 


3 кg. 


4 кg.


5 кg.



Prices shown here are in BGN with VAI.

These prices are valid only in Bulgaria for the business areas the courier company Speedy.

For more information about the buiness areas and prises visit

Way of paying

Dear clients, for your convenience we offer next ways of paying:

1.COD - in this way the value of the order must be paid in cash, directly to the courier at the time of delivery. Costs for the insurance of the parcel and compilation of the COD , must be paid from the client.

2.Paying with the bank cards VISA и MASTERCARD, MAESTRO and BORIKA.Paying is in levas and all prices, pointed in other currencies are shown for reference

Terms for return

If you are not satisfied from the product purchased, you can just turn it back to us in the condition in which you are received it in term of 3 days from the receiving date from you. We will turn back paid money (except  the costs for the first delivery), or we will change the returned item with another one if you require. A product can be returned if it is with original looking , packing and quality, not passed any treatment ( acts, violation its integrity). You must  pay the costs for turning back. If the condition of the product doesn't reply to ponted terms, we will turn it back to you and the amount for it becomes non- refundable.

Returns are not accepted when trying to damage and detect them that is due to improper use and maintenance or caused deliberately.

Bought item, which is made on your individual requirements , can not be turned back.When replacing the product, the cost of courier service are your responsibility.

We throughly check each item beforeit reaches you, but if happen to make a complaint because of a manufacturing defect, we will take the cost of its return.When returning a product, it must be accompanied by a completed return form and note transaction, if payment by credit card.

In case that the expression defect could not be removed, the goods purchased shall be replaced with new.In ripping off and removable defect, shoes are repaired wuthin 20 days.

Defects giving rise to a claim:

  1. Burst the leather
  2. Dislocation of the foot
  3. Cloven foot
  4. Torn seam face
  5. Fall of Fort

Return Address: Haskovo, bul."Vasil Levski" 11, floor 3.

When returning product, please let us know of your choice in a way mentioned in section Contacts.We will refund the amount paid ( excluding original delivery costs ) within seven days as follows:

  • when paying by credit card - the card through a transaction by which the purchase was made.
  • payment with COD - by postal order.