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Gift Certificate Roberto Zago!


 Gift Certificate

We are pleased to present you a new idea for the perfect gift.With Gift Roberto Zago you can make an elegant gift to their relatives, partners or personnels.Give vouchers and save his wandering gift!

How to purchase or receive a Gift Roberto Zago?

  •     Gift Roberto Zago can be purchased from all stores Roberto Zago, and be ordered to
  •     Gift Roberto Zago, ordered by Internet or telephone, will be sent by courier with cash.
  •     Gift Roberto Zago are three types - Platinium, Gold, Silver.Vseki voucher shall be accompanied by cash receipt for the gift suma.Vaucherat is invalid without it attached to the receipts.
  •     Gift Roberto Zago used to purchase goods unique in warehouses or Roberto Zago at:
  •     Gift Roberto Zago can be exchanged for all products offered by Roberto Zago and corresponding to its monetary value.

Terms of Use:

  •     Obtaining products against voucher is then presented in the premises of Roberto Zago or
  •     If the value of the selected item is greater than the value of the voucher, the difference is paid by the customer.
  •     If the value of the selected item is less than the voucher, the customer can get product to the value of the remainder of vauchera.V If the client does not want to take advantage of the proposal, the balance is not refundable.
  •     Gift Robero Zago is valid for a period of 6 months from the date of its izdavane.V If not used within that period, the amount paid for it is not refundable.
  •     Purchase voucher can be exchanged for its cash equivalent and non-refundable.
  •     Lost vouchers are not refundable.

Make an extraordinary gift with Roberto Zago!

We wish you pleasant shopping!

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